Over the years we have seen our designs decorate homes of all styles, as well as commercial projects, such as restaurants and villas. It is important to us to combine top-quality cement tiles with affordable prices, we believe that everyone should be able to create a magical space in their home while promoting quality and ethical materials.

Though its most common uses are in kitchens and bathrooms, cement tile isn’t limited to either location. You can play around your home to add color and texture. They can be everywhere like backsplashes, shower walls, foutains, spas, garden or entryways. Get inspired by our eclectic catalog of patterned cement tiles and choose your ideal décor.

Inspiration & Look book

We will work with you throughout the entire process of creating your ideal cement tiles, starting with inspiration. Here at Sadus Tile we have a strong taste for creation, we know how to find tomorrow’s trends while adapting to our customers’ tastes. Creative research prior to manufacturing is an important step because it allows us to better target and obtain an original and qualitative result. Through mood board and our product boards we will know how to guide you. So let’s choose together, colors, patterns, shape, size…

Thanks to our knowledge in the field, we will be able to advise you and guide you towards the right choice of design for your project. For now our collection includes more than 750 designs, so trust our expertise and let us guide you.

Create your own tiles

Tastes and colors are not debatable, so we have set up a process that gives you complete freedom in the creation of your cement tile. We accompany your research by providing you with our creative teams, which based on your tastes, moodboard, sketches … will give life to your cement tile. Create your own product from A to Z.

Are you inspired ? now it’s time to create your own tile design

Our Clients Favorite

There are 3 magical components to our cement tiles, the volcanic sand from mount Agung, our unique color palette and the Balinese spirit.