Before installation

Tools needed

  • Tape measure
  • Level
  • Tile saw or Cutter
  • Notched trowel
  • Big Trowel or shovel
  • Bucket to mix cement
  • Rubber grout float
  • Goggles
  • Sponge
  • Water bucket
  • Tile spacers

Tools needed

  • Tiles
  • Cement
  • Sand
  • Water


  • Tile adhesive
  • Wax or sealer

Step by step

Step 1

Buy materials

Determine the quantity of tile you will need. Make sure you buy 10% more tile than the measurements of the room for cuts, breakage and spares for future repair work..

Step 2

Inspect the tiles

Our cement tiles are handcrafted and each tile shape and color can slightly vary from tile to tile. The variance in appareance is what makes our tiles so unique, they are all imperfectly perfect.

Step 3

Prepare the space

The tiles need to be placed on a perfectly levelled and clean surface. Therefore ensure your surface is as flat as possible, clear out the space completely and make sure the surface is clean and dry.

Step 4

Dry try

A dry layout ensures problem are spotted before installation begins. If you are laying tile on a concrete slab make sure the slab is completely cured and dry. Lay the tiles in 2 lines in the layout you choose without any cement. 

Step 5

Cut and lay the tiles

Use a level to ensure the floor and tiles are level. Cement tiles can be cut using a wet saw with diamond blade.

Step 6


Our tiles already are pre-sealed at the factory which is a first layer of protection only. The installation will neeed at least 36 till 48 hours to cure and dry before the grouting.

Step 7


Thoroughly clean the tiles, remove all the grouting and stains with water and a natural or pH neutral soap.

Step 8


Before sealing, the mortar and tiles have to be completely dry. The final sealant can be put on the tiles to help to protect from staining.

Step 9

Enjoy your dream space

Enjoy your tiles!