From our 5 primary colors we have developed a unique and diverse color palette. We have a catalog of 60 basic colors and 12 special colors, ranging from pure white to stark black and from vibrant red to light yellow. However, tastes and colors are personal, and you can create your own custom shade.

Our colors are all made from special pigments created by mixing natural iron oxides with cement and marble powder. Our colors add character and vitality to our tiles while maintaining the artisanal look and respecting the environment. Our cement tiles delivered with a matte finishing, you are able to make them glossy after installing by polishing the tiles.

Shapes & Sizes

During our 17 years of business we have evolved by combining traditional materials, original designs and different sizes and shapes. A large part of our identity is based on the development of our innovative shapes.

We are constantly evolving and looking for more modernity and novelty. Our shapes go from the classic rectangle to the hexagon, and, our latest addition: our tiles can also be created in 3 dimensions.

These last years have been rich in creativity for our company. We moved in to new, more spacious buildings, though still always remaining in our base in Sidemen. These changes have given us access to more space to imagine, create, undertake and prepare your orders.

Please note that all our molds are originally 20×20 and that each size variation can add costs due to the production of new molds

Tile Designs

Our first designs were made from already existing and very traditional molds, but we were then inspired by what we could see in Balinese architecture. Finally, we decided to add modernity by creating our own designs. This new approach has brought innovation and renewal to our design catalog. Our catalog now includes more than 750 design possibilities but we can always customize the one of your dreams.

Our commitment goes beyond tiles. We make it our business to have a positive impact on our community and our planet.