We are making our handmade cement tiles only on order, so we don’t carry stock, but we do have some tiles available to buy directly at our workshop. These are our

Second-choice tiles

handmade cement tiles that just didn’t pass quality control because of minor issues

  1. Pattern can have some “leakage” or less straight lines.
  2. Some cracks or chip’s
  3. Too thick or
  4. Too thin.

This doesn’t make them less strong, beautiful, or not suitable for installation. On the contrary some eye catching projects where done with our ‘second choice tiles’

Overproduction tiles

As we always need to make a bit more than the actual tile order, to take in consideration that little accidents happen and there is a small percentage that will not pass the quality control, to have enough for the actual tile order.

We sell these handmade beauties for a reduced price at our workshop or here online, you can come and Mix and Match your own colorful batch of tiles or click this link where we upload the tiles we have at the moment. These will vary by day.