Yes! We offer made to order custom designed tiles. We create a handmade, custom mold and you select any combination from our color palette to produce the exact look you desire.

Yes, up to 5 colors are included in the price, above 5 colors there is an additional purchase per color.

The most common size of tile is the 20x20cm. We also have 30x30cm, 10×10, 15x15cm, 10×20, 15x30cm, 30×30 and a hexagon, each side of which is 11,5 cm.

Our tiles are 1.6cm thick, however as is the nature of handmade tiles some slight variations are inevitable.

We sell our tiles by box, and one box of 20×20 tiles weighs 16 kilos. An individual 20x20cm tile weighs approximately 1.2 kilos.

  • 25 pieces of 20x20cm tiles will fill one square meter.
  • Approximately 45 pieces of 15x15cm tiles will fill one square meter.
  • Approximately 11 pieces of 30x30cm tiles will fill one square meter.
  • 100 pieces of 10x10cm tiles will fill one square meter.

Yes, we can arrange delivery to anywhere in Bali, or assist in arranging delivery transportation around the rest of Indonesia. However, 75% of our tiles are shipped outside of Indonesia, in which case we can recommend some cargo companies we regularly work with here in Bali. We are also happy to work with any other cargo company you might prefer to deliver your tiles. You are welcome to pick up your tiles here at our factory in Sidemen.

Yes, we recommend adding 5 to 10% for breakage and cutting.

Yes, we have second-choice tiles available for sale at our factory in Sidemen. We invite you to come look through these yourself and enjoy the process of mixing and matching to find the tiles that best fit your project. You can conveniently bring them home the same day you purchase them.

Here in Bali we can recommend a tile installer, but we don’t have our own tile installing team.

Yes, as long as the tiles are cleaned and well maintained they make a beautiful addition to any indoor or outdoor space. If exposed to frost the tiles need a waterproof subfloor.

How do I properly maintain my tiles?
Please visit our Installation Guide
How much do the tiles cost?
Prices vary depending on material cost, tile size and design. Please contact us for current prices.