Our tiles are precious and valuable, we pack them adequately with double layered carton boxes, to protect and secure the tiles during storage, handling, and transportation.

The tiles are put face to face into the boxes to protect the tile surface, boxes are put in wooden pallets and the pallets will be loaded in the container.

Shipping is not included in the price of the tiles. Please send us an email to get a quote for shipping, we need your full delivery address and quantity, we ship worldwide!



We are happy to help you with quoting for shipping, especially for larger orders. We will need a delivery address to give you a quote. Shipments are made globally by cooperating with carriers, chosen by the customers preference. We will ask 3 carriers for their quotations so customers will have a choice. We recommend you contact us prior to ordering so we can organize a quote for you. We would invoice you separately for shipping.

The agreed freight rates are only for the cost of shipping and not include any additional costs that may occur depending on the country of delivery (e.g. customs, taxes ect.)

Costs also may differ depending on the destination, weight and volume.

Please understand that delivery will always be made to your doorstep and never inside your home, storage, shop or office.

There is also the possibility to pick up your order directly at the port, but please note that you will have to do all the steps yourself.