Create you own tiles

Step 1

Starting with the idea

We usually start by getting a sketch or picture of a pattern design from you to use as inspiration. Our creative team will then study this in detail before beginning the creation process with a precise sketch of the desired result.
Step 2

Making the mold

Handcrafted from copper or brass, we will then proceed to the mold making following your design. This is a very precise art, which requires a lot of skill and which can take up to 2 weeks of full-time work to complete.
Step 3

Creating your dream tile

After drawing your perfect cement tile design and making the mold, we will then move on to the design. This part of the process involves choosing the colors and the finishing touches. This process can take up to 3 weeks.

Our Suggestions

Meet our experts

Our team is available to accompany you throughout your creative process. Some customers come to us overflowing with creativity and ideas, and if that’s the case with you, you can send us your plans or mood boards. Or, if you don’t know where to start, please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us guide you.

The concept

The more we know about your project the better. What kind of project do you have? Private or commercial? Floor or wall?
Should you wish to work with us, we will request: mood board, inspiration pictures, measurements, drawings, color scheme images and that you make an appointment with one of our designers to discuss your plans in detail and come to an agreement to ensure your satisfaction.

The design

Once we understand your vision and know what direction to go in, you can meet directly with a designer in our showroom or online. A design concept will be presented to you, we will then discuss shapes, sizes, colors, finishes.


Once we receive your specifications following your consultation, the designer will then send you a personalized product board with the tiles and colors you chose, as well as any other necessary information of the tiles for each room and the date that they can be delivered.

Commercial projects

We are experts at working with designers and architects around the world. Our Sadus Tiles team has years of experience to share with you. If you are working on projects above 100 sqm, please contact our manager directly: Our goal is not just to be a supplier, but become a part of your story.