Sadus Team

Team work

Our family business has been based on teamwork and mutual support for 17 years. Listening to each other and sharing our creativity, we continue to work together to develop Sadus Tiles. With our wish to give honor to this tradition of the past, we also aimed pass on this knowledge to the younger generations, so that the tradition can continue to live on.

Step by step

Each tile order is unique and personalized from inspiration to delivery, every step of the way. We adapt to your desires and needs to create your dream space. Each of your tiles is crafted with rigor and passion by 7 different pairs of hands.

Growing with us

Sadus Tiles has existed now for 17 years and has a vast experience of producing tiles. Our team began with just 3 people at the very start and grew to include the 29 local artisans we represent now. Some of our original team members, who were there from the very first day, are still with us today.

Some of our team even met their partner here; we have 3 couples that met at our workshop and got married and have families now. Sadus Tiles is truly one big family.

Everyone is a specialist

All team members have their own tasks and skills in the cement tile manufacturing process. Whether it’s mixing the basic ingredients like sand, cement and water or packing the finished order for shipment. By dividing up the work in this way, everyone becomes a specialist in one step of the production process. Each person is essential to the smooth operation of our company.

Women power

In Indonesia there is unfortunately still a gap between the status of women and men. We want to give Indonesian women access to decent work, which respects their needs and values them. We want to act in the long term by including a neutrality in our recruitment. Today we are proud and happy to have more than 70% women in our team.