How it all started

With our love for handmade cement tiles; in 2006 we were inspired to revive the tradition of manufacturing cement tiles in Indonesia to preserve this skill and to incorporate new colors and modern (tile) designs into it.

Many hidden treasures can be found in the interior of Bali, and one of them is Sadus Tiles, which lies in the Sidemen Valley, surrounded by lush rice fields.


Our story begins in 2006, when the founders, Barbara and Wayan, a Dutch-Indonesian couple, decided to embark on the adventure of family entrepreneurship.


Sadus Tiles places great importance on expertise and respecting tradition. Our artisans pay close attention to detail, while also honoring the old-fashioned manufacturing process.


One of our core values is respect for the environment. Our handcrafted Tiles allow us to preserve the Balinese purity by avoiding emissions and chemical processes.