Sadus Tiles


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Fair Trade:

If you’re like us, you often have second thoughts when you buy handmade products. You may know where this product was made, but do you know who made it? Do you know what their working conditions are like? The answer in most cases is no. However, with Sadus Tiles you can be confident that when you make a purchase you are directly improving someone’s life.

Sadus Tiles operates under the principles of Fair Trade and follows the guidelines set by WFTO. We pay our artisans a fair salary, there are no children employed and workers are provided health insurance. We also work to sustain a “green” operation by using locally sourced raw materials and other natural products. We believe in producing sustainable, long lasting tiles of the highest quality.

To make our tiles, we use an ecologically friendly, low energy production system powered by water. There is no need for fire in our process, instead water is collected and used to harden our cement tiles. Once used, the water flows through various reservoirs the last of which utilizes plants to filter and further clean the water. Once it has been thoroughly cleaned the water is either reused or returned to the land.

Sadus Tiles is situated in a small farming village in East Bali, Indonesia. As a result, we are able to employ workers from the local community and provide them with jobs that utilize traditional craftsmanship. Working close to home ensures that employees can meet their family and spiritual needs within their community; a very important aspect of Balinese culture. Limited opportunity for employment in the village pushes many people to move to cities and tourist centers, where life is expensive and they are removed from their social community.

We are lucky and proud to support 27 valued artisans at Sadus Tiles. When you buy from us, you can be sure you are making a difference.