Sadus Tiles


Sadus Tiles first designs were the ones we bought from previous cement tile makers here in Bali. Soon we started developing our own designs and motifs. Today we can produce exact replicas of traditional tiles, provide you with original Sadus Tiles designs, or help you develop your own design. All our tiles are made to order and thus will have your personal touch as you select the design and the colors you desire. In order to maintain the uniqueness of our tile range –some designs are not displayed on our website. We would be happy to share these with you upon request.

The production of a motif tile requires much more time than a plain one. This is because the mold is filled with different colors piece by piece and this is a precise and labor-intensive job. As all Sadus cement tiles are handmade, minor deviations in color and motif are inevitable. These minor imperfections only add to the character and vitality of the final result.

See here some of our designs